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Scotland or the Caribbean?

30.07.2023 - Jonas
The Caribbean is far away? Not if you don't look at it too closely. On the Outer Hebrides, the group of islands stretching from north to south in the northwest of Scotland, there are beaches on a Caribbean level. This is where Scottish nature is at its most beautiful.

As the Outer Hebrides are rather difficult to reach by land after several hours' drive from the big cities of Edinburgh or Glasgow, and after several hours' drive, the islands, which lie 60 kilometres west of the mainland, are not overcrowded. It is not unusual to enjoy kilometres of white sandy beaches here completely alone. A walk or, even better, a casual endurance run in such a beautiful place are moments that will be remembered for years to come. And if you want the maximum Caribbean experience, you can even camp wild in most places without any complications and, above all, free of charge. Definitely an experience you won't forget!