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Running Don't dream of winning, train for it!

Amsterdam is special

Some make the pilgrimage to Berlin every year, others swear by the fast races in Spain, and others rave about the Dutch top marathons in Amsterdam and Rotterdam,... Without a doubt, the Amsterdam Marathon is one of the most attractive marathons in Europe. A fast course on windless days, a good atmosphere in some sections and a beautiful city, in ge...

Running 18.10.2023

Successful World Cup premiere in Riga

Jonas and I already have several hundred races under our belts. But so far there has not been a world championship race. That was about to change at the World Road Running Championships in Riga. In addition to the new half marathon world champions, the world champions over five kilometres and the short distance of one mile were also sought in the c...

Running 04.10.2023

Natalie dominates Scottish 10K again

In 2023, the Scottish 10K on the outskirts of Edinburgh was also an integral part of our competition calendar. Thanks to the short journey and the fact that it fitted in quite well with our schedule, it was quickly clear that we would be competing again. After Natalie's victory last year and my third place, there was little room for improvement in ...

Running 26.09.2023

Sun, laugh when you can!

For years, we have felt very connected to the Baden Marathon Karlsruhe and the organisation team. In addition, as ambassadors of the Baden-Marathon, we have repeatedly drawn attention to the Baden-Marathon in recent years. For this reason, we were very pleased that it worked out with a start this year. While I tackled the full 42.195 kilometres for...

Running 20.09.2023

Second in the Helsinki Marathon!

When I think of Scandinavia, few negative things come to mind. The few hours of sunshine in winter and some organisational shortcomings at the Helsinki Marathon are honestly the only points that come to mind spontaneously. So it's a cool thing that I made it to Finland and was able to run a successful marathon at the Helsinki Marathon 2023.


Running 25.08.2023