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Tests Test it, use it, love it.

Test: Hoka Cielo X

"Snazzy design", I thought to myself when I held the Hoka Cielo X1 in my hands for the first time. The new competition shoe from the US running shoe brand is indeed a real eye-catcher. With its bright colours and interesting sole construction, it is definitely a rarity that is not only impressive on the outside.

I tested the Cielo X1 for t...

Tests 16.05.2024

Test: Adidas Adizero Boston 12

With the Adidas Adizero Boston 12, Adidas has made a real step forward from its two predecessors. At first glance, the Boston 12 looks very similar to the Boston 10 and the Boston 11. But if you compare the shoes in detail, it becomes clear that the Adidas Adizero Boston 12 is without a doubt the best shoe. This is because Adidas has fixed some wea...

Tests 20.10.2023

Innovative power for the long term from innosnack

Who hasn't experienced it after a long day at university or at work when training calls. In such situations, the success of the training often depends on what you have eaten in the hours before the training. Planning an additional meal shortly before training is often not only impossible in terms of time, but also makes no sense for reasons of well...

Tests 03.02.2023

Test: Skechers Razor Excess

The Skechers Razor Excess is a lighter alternative to familiar shoe all-rounders. The Razor Excess left a first-class impression on my numerous test runs, whether fast or slow, short or long.

Are you new to the Skechers Razor Excess? You should have heard of this shoe. For example, it's not as well known as the Adidas Boston 9, but ...

Tests 05.05.2022

Test: Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper

With the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper, Skechers was able to make a real statement in the competitive carbon running shoe market. I wasn't the only one who was immediately impressed by the shoe.

The Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper in size 44 1/2 weighs just 185 grams, making it an absolute lightweight running shoe. Even when I h...

Tests 27.04.2022