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Tests Test it, use it, love it.

Test: Hoke One One Torrent 2

Speedgoat, Challenger, Mafate, ... The list of trail running shoes from Hoka One One is long. Most models have been developed over the years so that good shoes have become even better ones. One trail running shoe that stands out from the US brand's portfolio and was recently released in its second generation is the Hoka One One Torrent 2. It looked ...

Tests 31.07.2020

Test: innosnack Innobites Runner's-Fudge

Some runners eat up to ten gels during the 42.195 kilometres of a marathon. To get the stomach used to it, this often doesn't look much different during training, especially for long runs. Even though Jonas and I have never consumed such a large number of gels during a race, we like to use a more natural, healthier and, in our opinion, more pleasan ...

Tests 26.07.2020

Test: Adidas adizero adios 5

The Adidas adizero adios series has been with me for years. I have run many kilometres in the various shoes, often accelerating in training and also wearing them in numerous competitions. So I was particularly excited to test the new Adidas adizero adios 5. Not an hour passed when the package from Running Warehouse Europe arrived and I was running ...

Tests 20.03.2020

Test: Adidas Ultra Boost 20

A running shoe from outer space? Adidas is breaking new ground with the Adidas Ultra Boost 20. Through the partnership between the global brand with the three stripes and the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory, the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 is sent on a mission 408 kilometres üabove the Earth. So the new Ultra Boost has arrived a ...

Tests 16.03.2020

Test: RUNOVA Performance Running Socks

Running shoes are the be-all and end-all when it comes to running, or so most athletes think, as they repeatedly lace up their shoes to set off on their run. However, between the specifically selected shoes and your own feet, there is something else that sometimes seems to get lost, namely the running socks. These are often selected less specifical ...

Tests 10.03.2020