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Hi Bavaria!

I have always been a big fan of Bavaria. Not only FC Bayern, but also the Bavarian capital Munich and the mountainous regions of Bavaria inspire me. Since Natalie likes Bavaria as much as I do, we recently visited Bavaria again for several reasons.

We enjoyed not only Munich, but especially hiking on the border to Austria. Our highlight? An evenin...

Pure Action in Fort William

We have already been to ski jumping, to football anyway. Natalie and I have also watched other sports at the highest level. But a UCI Mountain Bike World Cup was new territory for us. That's why we were looking forward all the more to the World Cup race in Fort William, which took place on 22 May.

After a few trail running kilometres, we followed th...

Isle of Skye: Outstandingly beautiful!

Edinburgh is one of the world's most liveable cities. Nevertheless, the Scottish capital is only ranked second in the Scotland travel tips in numerous travel guides. The reason for this is that the Isle of Skye is a good four hours' drive to the northwest.

The island can be easily reached by car via a bridge. Alternatively, a little further south, y...

No tulips from Amsterdam

Tulips from Amsterdam? We don't have them here. But Edinburgh is still blooming, in the form of the yellow flowering gorse, which is currently colouring two of the Scottish capital's most beautiful elevations yellow. While some of the flowering gorse can be found on Calton Hill not far from the famous Princess Street, where bus after bus and taxi after tax...

Explore the world in running shoes

Running is great! One reason for this is that you can run almost anywhere, whether in the snow or on the beach, in the forest or on the street, in the heat or in the icy cold. Running is always possible, sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

No matter where Jonas and I are, we always have at least a pair of running shoes with us. What a compass and ma...