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Test: Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper

27.04.2022 - Jonas
With the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper, Skechers was able to make a real statement in the competitive carbon running shoe market. I wasn't the only one who was immediately impressed by the shoe.

The Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper in size 44 1/2 weighs just 185 grams, making it an absolute lightweight running shoe. Even when I held the shoe in my hands for the first time, it gave me a real Wow moment! However, it was not only the impressively low weight that caught my eye, but also the special upper material. This is not only super light but also looks extremely good. Overall, I also find the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper very pretty, so I would undoubtedly rank it among the most beautiful shoes on my running shoe shelf. Even though the first impression was very positive, I wondered whether my enthusiasm for the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper would still be as great after testing the shoe and Skechers GoRun Speed Hyper taking a closer look at the individual shoe components. As I couldn't wait to really get going, I did so straight away. I put on the shoes, loosely broke them in and off I went! What already felt good during the warm-up became even more noticeable on the following fast kilometres. The Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper was barely noticeable on the foot, but despite its incredible weight, which incidentally makes it 30 grams lighter in my size than the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2, which I saw again on quite a few runners at the Manchester Marathon 2022. Compared to the Nike Air Zomm Alphafly Next% and the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2, the weight savings are 49 and 61 grams respectively. The weight reduction of up to 33 percent was noticeable right from the start, and that without having to do without the push of a carbon element. Unlike the carbon shoes of other manufacturers, Skechers does not rely on a carbon plate, but two T-shaped carbon elements in the forefoot and midfoot area, which is one of the reasons for the mentioned low weight.

Innovative components ensure strong performance

The Hyper Burst midsole also contributes to the low weight. The supercritical foam is produced using a special and extremely innovative process in which spherical cells are pressed into the midsole. This results in a lightweight foam with good cushioning properties. The midsole is complemented by minimalist Goodyear performance outsole elements. These provide increased traction, stability and durability.

Another important component of the shoe is the mono-mesh upper, which is not only lightweight but also colourful. At the same time, it is transparent in several parts. Overall, the upper material is very flexible, so that although sufficient support is provided in the area of the heel and the shoe collar, the entire upper material can be pressed down with the fingers without any problems. Skechers GoRun Speed Hyper Here, Skechers' minimalist approach has also resulted in a focus on quality rather than quantity. The laces, meanwhile, are conspicuously short. As I am occasionally annoyed by overlong laces on other shoes, I see this as more of an advantage than a disadvantage. However, some runners, or especially those who prefer to lace the shoe a little looser, might see this as a point of criticism.

Green light from World Athletics

Even though a shoe like the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper is made of some highly professional components, in the end it all comes down to the running experience. As expected and already mentioned, I am also very satisfied with this. Although the shoe does not offer such an extremely cushioned running feeling as is the case with some carbon shoes from other manufacturers, the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper can still be a brilliant choice when used properly. The shoe's strengths come to the fore especially in short intervals, but also in competitions of up to ten kilometres. I consider 5-kilometre road races to be the best fit. These can easily have some sharp turns. In these, the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper is sometimes miles superior to other top shoes due to its stability. Another big advantage of the shoe is that it has a stack height of just 23 millimetres at the heel. This makes the shoe one of the two to three few carbon shoes that are allowed to be used in track races according to World Athletics.

Insider tip for short road races and the track

In summary, the Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper is an outstanding running shoe when used properly. Its strengths are particularly noticeable in short intervals and race distances of up to ten kilometres. Thanks to its comparatively low stack height, it can be officially worn for track races. Even though the stack height is only 23 millimetres, it offers sufficient cushioning, a pleasant rolling behaviour and noticeable reactivity, which makes it superior to classic racing flats. The Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper also impresses with its low weight and various components that make a very good impression.

The Skechers GoRun Speed Elite Hyper and many other Skechers running shoes are available here: www.skechers.co.uk